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photo A TIME TO DREAM AND DO Today we are inundated with so many issues that need our attention that it can send one’s head spinning. So what should we do? The answer is not easy and each of us must choose which issues matter the most. I choose to take on issues that encompass a lot of what I believe in and to make them my primary work while being supportive of others doing other good work. Right now my focus is the issue of GMO SEEDS and the Labeling of Our Food. This issue reaches deep into my roots as a farmworker and all that I learned from Cesar, Dolores and the

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Tea-Publican Congress votes to deport the DREAMers

Posted by AzBlueMeanie: All that talk earlier this year about the GOP rebranding and learning its lesson from the 2012 election by reaching out to Latino voters was just that -- talk. Actions speak louder than words. And today, the Tea-Publican Congress voted to deport the DREAMers. House Republicans Booed As They Vote To Deport DREAMers: To a chorus of boos from the gallery, House Republicans voted 224-201 on Thursday to approve an amendment that defunds the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. The amendment, from Rep. Steve King (R-IA), undercuts the flexibility that allows the Department of Homeland Security to halt deporting DREAMers and instead focus on people convicted of crimes. After the vote, the House Hispanic Caucus tweeted,”House Republicans just voted

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  Now that the proposal has been proposed by the GANG OF EIGHT Senators we now have an opportunity to enter into this historic debate. The initial language has a lot of amending that needs to be done to make it better and more realistic. But it will take a lot of work and our willingness to get involved and to stay involved. This is a most historic and unique point in history and we must take advantage of this moment. . HISTORY CAN’T WAIT; we must take action now!!! Please participate by taking time to call, to march, to call and to march some more.\\  


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This past election delivered bad news for some and a bunch of good news for others. The billionaires, the governors who tried to suppress the vote and all those right wing pundits/pollsters who had predicted a major landslide for Mitt and Ann were shocked beyond belief by the results that gave the right wing a tsunami of voter discontent with their politics. The far right wing which has been building its base in the Republican Party, allowed the party and their candidates to attack freedom, gay marriage, marijuana reform, immigration reform, unions, teachers, women’s bodies, people of color and the working poor. These attacks led the Republican Party further down the line onto an island of isolation. Their appeal was centered

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This is an important election and you should not wait for others to create history. Here are some reasons to vote. Next president will appoint the next two Supreme Court Justices

  1. By voting for proposition 34 in California you can eliminate the death penalty in that state. And create a tsunami of hope.
  2. By voting for Initiative 502 in Washington you can change the law on Marijuana and save the lives of many minority youth
  3. And there are many opportunities to affirm EQUAL MARRIAGE like initiative 74 in Washington.
  4. The makeup of your state legislative bodies is most important
  5. And you must give the president a democratic Senate and Congress that can pass good and effective legislation.
  6. In Washington we can vote for a good lawyer

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2012 Election has some important things for us all

The 2010 election was taken over the right wing and tea party folks and we got some very right wing and strange governors and legislators not to mention some extreme congressmen and woman and extreme senators. This led to many laws being passed that a.    Suppress voters b.    Infringe on the rights of a woman to protect her own body and medicines that are most appropriate c.    Anti immigration laws d.    Anti union laws e.    And anti employee laws f.    And they passed laws that would funnel more money to the rich g.    Attacked equal marriage laws and efforts h.    Attacked efforts  to end the death penalty i.    Attacked efforts to legalize Marijuana and end the war on drugs j.    And proposed new wars such as a new war with Iran. If

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THE PRIMARY FACTOR August 7th 2012

If you live in the state of Washington you must turn in your ballot a.s.a.p. I just got mine and will vote for all those in my district plus the Supreme Court. I want to bring your attention to three races that are most important

  1. Retain Steve Gonzalez in the State Supreme Court!!!
He is running against a man who does not have a good record and should not be in this race. But Steve’s opponent does have an Anglo-Saxon name and this will help him with voters primarily in Eastern Washington. Steve must win this contest on the 7th of August. So please vote and ask you friends to turn in their ballots. There are also two other primary races that I would

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The decision by the Supreme Court was a surprise to many but it was a SCARE to the right wing. The right wing pundits and politicians turned and twisted and continued to attack the health bill, President Obama and then went off the deep end attacking Chief Justice Roberts. Now that the  affordable health care act is the law of the land it will benefit many more. The states will soon understand that this law will help all no matter what your political persuasion. So OBAMASCARE has scared those who oppose health care for all. They should understand that it is the law and we should now enjoy the benefits.  


a.    June Gay Pride Month b.    NALEO and immigration c.  

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Voting by mail started May 1st and is still going on and will got through June 5th.  This election is important for all of us not matter where your reside. This is an election between we the people and the 1% and all their millions. Scott Walker is anti-union, anti-teacher and pro billionaire. He must be recalled and you and me can be part of this victory. You need to participate by going immediately to the web page for the Wisconsin Democratic Party and donating what you can and then asking for a voter list that you can call. PLEASE KNOW THAT ANY CONTRIBUTION OF ANY SIZE  WILL BE WELCOMED. ALSO Join me  in support of Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin for U.S. Senate in

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Rush Limbaugh a blue pill popping man is a dirty rotten chicken livered pole cat..not to mention that he is a sexist and racist. Do I need to say more?. Rush is not the only one to is  also the conservative republicans and some democrats who feel that they should get involved in what happens with a womans’ body .. they oppose birth control then oppose seems that they want to do everything that they can to humiliate women. Sandra Fluke is a strong woman and one to be admired for staying on the high road while Rush degraded her and all women by calling them the worst of names. I wish someone would interview Rush’s former and current wife

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