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AHORA … Words and Dreams for a wind of change…New web page .. For action

This week we have launched my updated web site... it has taken me a long time to find the right person (Antonio Melendez) who would understand my passion for activism and human rights and could have this expressed through my web page. This new design will help to keep my friends and supporters up to date with my activities and will present those issues that need support and activism.

Visit his site at to see if he can help you as well..

MEASURE 92 - the recount will begin

The YES ON 92 Campaign (GMO Food Labeling Initiative) will be observing the automatic recount of each and every vote in each of the Counties. The campaign is down by only 812 votes and the difference could be found through recount.

With only an 812 vote difference out of more than 1.5 million votes cast, it’s absolutely critical that Yes on 92 has a presence in every corner of the state while ballots are being recounted.

This campaign saw more than $22 million dollars being spent by Monsanto, DuPont, and their allies to attempt to defeat an Oregon voter initiative. Perhaps in the future the state legislature will need to put a limit on the amount of money that major corporations outside of the state can spend on a citizen initiative.

Those supporting 92 were thousands of citizens, which included farmers, community nonprofits, health and senior organizations. This was a grass roots movement pitted against the super-rich and powerful corporations.

It is a fact that if both sides were limited let’s say to spending $4 million a piece on such a campaign that all labeling Campaigns would win. The influence of huge corporate propaganda machines do not allow for a level playing field.

Please go to to find out how you can participate and support this most important recount process. The recount will soon begin in Oregon on Dec. 2nd.

The Verdict on Michael Brown was most disappointing...

It seems that we are finding that the killing of young Black Men and other youth of color do not seem to warrant any justice nor matter what the fact demand. When you look at the judicial system and see how biased it is against people of color in particular blacks you can begin to understand why police are convinced that they often only need to represent the white establishment. And some of the public doesn’t seem to understand why youth do not respect law enforcement in general since the police seem to behave like an occupying army when they have to deal with the residents of a black or brown neighborhood.

It is important for us to demonstrate to speak out and to demand Justice not just for Michael Brown but for all of us. Too many cases like Trayvon Martin’s and Michael Brown’s are facing us and demanding that we respond and insist that justice be delivered.

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